Wedding Planning Services

Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean giving up control of your planning. It simply means “including an experienced professional to give you the knowledge to make decisions that’s best suited for you and to help you prevent costly mistakes by ensuring that your wedding day is flawless”. We understand that every wedding is unique and we will focus on your individuality, by being open minded and thinking outside of the box to assist you in transforming your wedding dreams into a reality. Your coordinator will work with you to give you the look and feel of your dreams. While being budget conscious, we will assist you in finding the appropriate vendors, making your wedding a Perfectly Planned event. Your wedding day should be memorable—not only to your guests, but to you and your special someone. Don’t stress about the details… leave them in Perfectly Planned's capable and caring hands.

 Please contact us for further information on our services and fees. We work with you to customize a package fit for your needs.